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Revolutionizing the Marketing Finance Industry: Introducing Mrkter

The affiliate and influencer marketing industry is growing at an unprecedented pace, with the market estimated to be worth $50 billion and expected to continue to grow, capturing an even larger share of the overall digital marketing spend. Despite its size, this market has been largely underserved and underfunded, leaving many affiliates and influencers without access to the financial solutions they need to grow their businesses. This is all about to change with the arrival of Mrkter.

Our goal is to become the world-leading financing solution for affiliates and influencers, revolutionizing the marketing finance industry and providing a comprehensive solution to help these critical players grow their businesses and succeed.

To achieve our goal, we need two crucial elements in place:

  1. Clients (affiliates and influencers)
  2. Underwriting (real-time marketing data)

To ensure the success of our goal, we have created a unified platform to serve 2 important groups of clients – the companies that pay affiliates and influencers (payee) and the affiliates and influencers themselves. Our platform is designed to streamline the process for both groups and provide them with the necessary tools and resources to grow their businesses.

  1. companies that pay affiliates and influencers (Payee)
    • Clients with Zero CPA
    • Marketing Data
    • Easy to collect funds mrkter financed
  2. affiliates and influencers themselves.
    • Financing
    • Banking capabilities

Payee System:

Underwriting is essential for making sound financial decisions and requires real-time marketing data. This is why we have developed a platform that integrates all of a client’s marketing data in one place, including a list of vendors and real-time data for informed underwriting. This system also enables us to collect payment for financing to affiliates and influencers.

Short Video explanation :

The Payee Marketing department creates a board for teams. affiliation, media, PPC, and more. for example, we will create the Affiliation Board


Payee Affiliation board integration dashboard :


Payee Affiliation Dashboard:


Payee CMO and CFO spent management of all marketing departments, to have visibility for Finance and Marketing departments.


Finance department executing payments system for all marketing vendors in 1 click:


Affiliate and Influencer Platform:

The affiliate and influencer system allows users to onboard onto our platform we can see who the payee is and estimate their future income. This information is used for informed underwriting and to let the payee know that we have provided a cash advance to their provider. This platform provides a dashboard for all marketing data, including a list of vendors and real-time data for informed underwriting.

Affiliate and Influencer incoming revenues board:


Affiliate and Influencer financing board


Affiliate and Influencer financing mrkter neo bank solution:


By combining real-time marketing data with deep industry expertise, Mrkter is revolutionizing the affiliate and influencer financing industry. Our platform offers a win-win solution for all parties involved, as companies benefit from increased traffic, and affiliates and influencers earn more. With Mrkter, everyone wins.

We believe mrkter will change the game in the marketing finance industry, and we would be thrilled for you to join us on this journey. Whether you’re an affiliate or influencer, a company that pays affiliates and influencers, or an investor, Mrkter offers a unique opportunity to be part of a revolution in the marketing finance industry.