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Crystal-clear spend monitoring

Manage your marketing expenditure in realtime, across all global channels. Generate insights using key performance metrics
and build a budget that achieves instant results.

Untangle your marketing spend

Cut out the noise and receive an aggregated picture of your day-to-day marketing spend. Get granular analyses of your expenditure and focus on the teams, processes and partners that need your attention the most with a global, multi-funnel data platform.

  • Boost performance in key verticals
  • Improve campaign completion rates
  • Eliminate cash flow stoppages and payment failures
  • Drive down data processing costs

On-demand insights

Why wait weeks, months or entire quarters to evaluate strategic performance with reliable data? Put your organisation in the driving seat with a second-by-second analysis of key deals KPI metrics, linked to superfast commercial data sources. Help your teams and affiliates succeed with the best data-based tools for the job.

  • Achieve realtime campaign adjustments
  • Link invoices and payment statuses to key performance data
  • Granular deal analysis

Layered performance metrics

Work smarter with your operational resources. Generate laser-focused insights that display marketing performance data – past, present and future. Compare your current performance alongside historic commercial data to get a top-down view of where your company needs to be.

  • Set detailed goals
  • Enrich your business plan
  • Compare departmental performance

Marketing and Finance as one

Get your Marketing and Finance teams working together, instead of against each other. Create a single, unified operational and financial framework that increases your bottom line. Reduce friction across your payment cycles and give your teams a clear visual representation of what they need to focus on, every second of the day.

  • Make your data work for everyone
  • Streamline your payment cycles
  • Empower your teams to work smarter