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Revolutionizing Marketing Finance

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Welcome to Mrkter, the future of marketing and financial operations. We bridge the gap between your marketing and finance departments, allowing you to operate like never before. Forget the days of clunky spreadsheets, missed payments, and manual errors. With Mrkter, you get a seamless, real-time, and AI-powered solution.


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Ad Networks

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Financial Freedom with Mrkter

Mrkter: Your key to achieving financial independence, tailored for both businesses and individuals.
Smart payout

✨ AI-Powered Smart Payouts: One-Click Magic

With Mrkter’s AI-powered Smart Payout feature, you’re not just making payments—you’re making intelligent financial decisions. 
🌍 Multi-Country, Multi-Currency, Multi-Wallet, and Even Multi-Crypto With a single click, execute payouts across multiple countries.

The Game Changer

Imagine being able to execute payouts with a single click. Think it’s a dream? With Mrkter’s AI-powered Smart Payouts, it’s a reality. Our proprietary algorithms sift through your invoices, ensuring all your vendors are paid.

Flexibility and Control

Smart Payouts offer unmatched flexibility. One click can execute payouts across multiple countries, currencies, banks, and even e-wallets, including cryptocurrencies.

Real-Time Updates

With Mrkter, you’re never in the dark. Our real-time tracking ensures both the marketing and finance departments can see the status of every payout, as it happens. No more back-and-forths, no more uncertainties.

Tailored Solutions for The Marketing Industry

Specialized strategies and tools designed specifically for the unique needs of the marketing sector.

Advanced Payment:
Built for Your Needs

Mrkter’s built-in Advanced Payment options provide unprecedented flexibility and control to both advertisers and publishers. Backed by Mrkter’s robust financial infrastructure, we provide the line of credit for all advanced payments, ensuring a seamless and risk-free experience.

For Advertisers:
  • Risk-Free Advanced Payments: Mrkter takes on all the risk, allowing you to offer advanced payments to your publishers without any financial strain.

  • Revenue-Share Model: For those who want a piece of the action, share the risk and the rewards with our revenue-share model.

For Agencies & Ad Networks:

  • Instant Liquidity: Gain access to your pending payments instantly. No need to wait for lengthy approval cycles.

  • Choose Your Payment Method: Whether it’s bank transfers, e-wallets, or even cryptocurrencies, get paid the way you want.

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Advanced Payment

Why you need this

🛠 Seamless Marketing-Finance Synchronization

With Mrkter, the longstanding divide between marketing and finance departments is finally bridged. No more sifting through emails for invoices or trying to get hold of different departments for approval. We centralize all your financial operations under one roof.

the workflow
1. Connect All Marketing Vendors

1. Connect All Marketing Vendors

The marketing department can connect to all their marketing platforms and vendors with just a few clicks.

2. Invoice Approval

2. Invoice Approval

Our system automatically pulls in all invoices from the connected platforms. The marketing team can easily approve these invoices and send them over to the finance department for payment.

3. One Click Payments

3. One Click Payments

The finance department reviews the approved invoices and makes the payments with one click, thanks to our AI-powered Smart Payouts

4. Real-time updates

4. Real-time updates

Both departments can view real-time updates on marketing spend and payment statuses, enabling better collaboration and decision-making.


📊 Real-Time Spend Tracking

With Mrkter, every second counts. Our real-time tracking empowers you to control your budget, predict cash flow, and adjust strategies instantly. Don’t just follow your spending—lead it.

Instant Budget Oversight

The moment a dollar is spent, it’s on your dashboard. No delays.

Predict Cash Flow

Use real-time data for accurate financial forecasting.

In-the-Moment Adjustments

Shift your strategy and budget allocation on the fly based on real-time insights.

Seamless Team Collaboration

Keep your marketing and finance teams in sync with shared access to real-time data.

🛠️ Your Financial Operations, Your Control

Unlike traditional payment agents, Mrkter offers you control over your own accounts. Yes, every account within Mrkter is your account. You have full authority, providing an added layer of security and control.

For Marketing Teams:

  • All-In-One Dashboard: View all pending invoices, real-time spend, and payment logs. Approve invoices for payment with a single click and send them directly to the finance team.

For Finance Teams:

  • Complete Financial Oversight: Get a unified view of all marketing expenditures in real-time. Make data-driven decisions and schedule payments efficiently.

🌏 Global Reach, Local Expertise

Multi-Country, Multi-Currency, Multi-Wallet, and Even Multi-Crypto.
In today’s interconnected world, your payment solution needs to be as global as your business. Mrkter supports:

  • Payments in over 45 fiat currencies.

  • Payouts in 150 countries.

  • Over 50 cryptocurrencies.

  • Multiple e-wallets like PayPal and Payoneer.


Transparency and Compliance, Built-In

At Mrkter, we take compliance and transparency seriously:

  • All accounts are subject to KYC (Know Your Customer) verification.
  • Our banking partners include tier-1 banks like JPMorgan in the US and Barclays in the UK.