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Limitless integration

Achieve end-to-end visibility of your global marketing activity. Craft a single, unified marketing operation by connecting over 600 networks,
tracking platforms and data analytics solutions.

Connect. Strategise. Grow.

Save time, money and resources by connecting real-time data sources together in a centralised marketing solution. Stop being pushed from pillar to post. Receive all the information and interfaces you’ll ever need, all in one place.

  • Realise meaningful cost savings
  • Improve productivity
  • Centralise your data operation

Join the marketing ops revolution.

Mrkter offers integration with over 600 SaaS marketing networks, adtech services, tracking platforms and data analytics platforms. We work with leading names in the world of marketing operations and automation to keep your business ahead of the curve, 24/7.

Bring your data to life.

Improve the quality and integrity of your marketing data across your entire operation. Bring your data to life with a diverse set of visualisation features. Block out the noise and focus on growing your business with intelligent, accessible data tools.

  • Get your data working smarter
  • Strategise in key verticals
  • Grow your affiliate operations

Intuitive. Codeless. Easy to use.

Drag-and-drop modules from 600+ marketing networks using an intuitive interface designed for all levels of users – from frontline marketers to automation experts. Onboard in minutes and start creating a marketing platform that’s designed to work for you.

  • Reduce your SaaS spend
  • Zero code. Zero hassle
  • Design a bespoke marketing solution

Tailored integrations.

Our in-house marketing operation experts are on hand to offer support and guidance for a huge range of custom integrations. Consolidate your bespoke cloud-based or on-premise marketing platforms with out-of-the-box solutions from big-name marketing operation brands.

  • Leverage your existing marketing platforms
  • Take advantage of industry-leading marketing networks
  • Receive expert advice on front-end marketing operations