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Use Case: Embedded Lending for E-commerce

embedded lending for ecommerce

Simply put, it’s a win-win for you and your customers. 

Here are some of the biggest benefits of embedded lending and advances services:

  • New Revenue Streams

Embedded lending enables you to take advantage of new revenue streams. Every time a customer receives a loan through your platform, you benefit. By monetizing your customer’s financing through revenue share, you can scale faster and cover operating costs. You’ll also be improving your customer’s experience by adding a new offer to your existing services.

  • Boost Engagement for your E-commerce clients

Customers are engaged when companies listen to their needs. And it’s always more efficient to keep existing customers than find new ones. So how do you do that? Offer a better experience for your existing customers. 

By adding embedded lending options to your platform, you grant customers access to necessary capital whenever they need it. In addition, it drives consumer loyalty and boosts engagement. So, instead of fighting churn, you can spend your resources reaching out to new customers.

  • Beat The Competition

Embedded finance is the cutting edge of a better digital experience for consumers. It allows people to access financing faster and easier than ever before. As a result, it’s quickly becoming a “must-have” feature for top businesses in any industry. 

Companies that want to beat the competition need to use the most updated business models, and embedded lending is a feature consumers want.

  • Lifetime Value

Offering lending and advances services directly on your own platform helps customers turn to you instead of external providers. In the long run, this increases the lifetime value of your customer base. 

  • Connect With Customers

Many companies start out offering embedded finance services with the ultimate goal of building their own capital programs. However, creating a program like this from scratch is challenging and resource-intensive. 

Embedded lending platforms like Mrkter help companies accumulate key insights on their customers, which eventually can be used to create proprietary finance programs. Leverage our services to help your business grow. It’s the most cost-effective and efficient way to scale.

Embedded Lending Helps Your Business Grow

Embedded lending is the future of consumer finance. It’s flexible enough to integrate into any existing platform and is the quickest way to access new revenue streams. Our platform can be configured to help you grow at any size or any speed.

  • Flexible

Mrkter allows you to combine any configuration of the financial products you need to expand your business. Our extensive API library and development kits are equipped with the tools to customize our banking products to fit your brand identity. 

With our configurable PSP, you can create tailor-made solutions for any industry. Custom smart routing and other acquiring solutions will increase your conversion rate and boost your bottom line. 

  • Scalable

You don’t have to do it all yourself. Our platform handles all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into building complex financial products. 

Do you want to try out a simple lending integration before building out an entire credit platform? Simply embed one of our modules into your platform and go from there. You can add more as you grow, whether you want to issue cards or host wallets. Our advanced plan has powerful features and capabilities to elevate any roadmap.

Ready-to-Launch Lending Services

Do you need something ready to go, straight out of the box? Our pre-built lending modules are designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing services. This makes Mrkter cost-effective and lightning-fast to deploy. 

What are the crucial elements needed to launch your embedded lending service? 

  • Speed

We know this is critical in the competitive marketplace. So we have a well-stocked API library full of embeddable components to help you get to market as fast as possible.

  • Simplicity

Mrkter is all about reducing complexity and expanding your reach. Combine the lending module with other elements using our drag-and-drop editor. It’s an effortless way to build up a whole suite of embedded finance products and services.

Lending That’s Always On-Brand

You need speed and flexibility, but you don’t want a cookie-cutter experience. That’s why we help you create tailor-made lending modules to fit in seamlessly with your brand.

  • Pre-built or Customized

You can choose from our existing modules that are professionally built with the user in mind. Or you can work with our experts to design a completely customized platform. 

  • Form Connections

We understand that every company needs to create an experience with which their customers can connect. That’s why our lending and advances module can be adapted to suit your existing platform, dashboard, or website.   


What is embedded lending and advances?

Embedded lending is one aspect of embedded finance – the most influential trend in the current fintech industry. It allows customers to access the capital they need on the spot without relying on third parties.
Since embedded finance products are built directly into your company’s platform, the entire lending process is streamlined and tailor-made to suit your customers’ needs. You know your customers better than external finance companies, so you can provide the capital infrastructure that serves them best. This boosts engagement, improves retention, and increases the lifetime value of your relationship.

Can I combine lending and advances with other embedded finance products?

Yes. Mrkter allows you to customize your banking experience completely. Besides lending and advances, you can:
Add wallets and IBANs
Issue cards
Add funds in different currencies and crypto
Integrate with other apps through our API library and development kit
Improve conversion through smart acquiring
Manage payroll
Work with affiliates
Manage vendors
And more

Is Mrkter a lender?

No. Mrkter’s software connects users with multiple lenders. Since we work for you, we’re incentivized to find your customers the best lending and advance offers on the market. 

This allows you to receive the benefits of opening a new revenue stream without the risks or expenses. Instead, you can focus on your core business and provide the best experience for your customers. 

How do I integrate Mrkter with my existing business?

Simply choose a plan and get started. We have pre-built modules and an intuitive drag-and-drop editor to allow anyone to embed financial services into their existing business. Or, you can consult with our expert team to create a platform that’s completely customized. 

Why partner with Mrkter to build my lending platform?

Building a platform that can handle lending and other embedded finance products and services is hard. Our team has spent a lot of time and resources developing effective tools that work right out of the box. But we also understand that each client is different. That’s why our platform is flexible and scalable enough to suit companies of any size.