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Hyper-efficient deal management

Exercise complete control over how your brand creates, manages and reconciles marketing orders.
Integrate automated IOs with financial workflows and draft partnership deals that forge long-lasting and lucrative commercial relationships.

Fast, flexible deal management

Craft highly-customised deals for affiliates, influencers and freelancers. Issue clear, concise IOs that provide a solid, reliable framework for your company’s marketing operation wherever you operate, whatever you sell, and whoever you partner with.

  • Multiple marketing strategies. One platform
  • Forge long-lasting commercial relationships
  • Watertight commercial deal management

Unified orders and payments

Consolidate deal-making and payments into a centralised workflow that includes your accountancy and ERP solutions, at zero additional cost. Link deals to invoices payable and execute batch orders at the click of a button across multiple global markets.

  • Safe, secure escrow arrangements
  • Support for all major ERP & accountancy platforms
  • Reduce operational and administrative expenditure

Automated IO workflows

Create intelligent business processes that draft, send, sign, and track insertion orders with zero manual intervention. Implement customised placement schedules, granular costing parameters, bespoke legal terms, payment conditions and and electronic signatures that make it quicker and easier to get deals over the line.

  • Custom order templates
  • Strengthen partner participation
  • Protect your brand’s commercial interests

Deals and data combined

Get top-down and line-by-line breakdowns of affiliate, partner and freelancer activity with an intelligent ordering dashboard that categorises deals by budget, flight range, impressions, audience and pricing. Link deal data with organisational marketing targets and keep your finger on the pulse of partner activity across the globe.

  • Save time reconciling payments
  • Increase your marketing ROI
  • Speed up internal auditing