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Enjoy the freedom of global
multi-currency business accounts

Grow your global revenue streams with a Mrkter foreign currency account. Open multi-currency accounts without visiting a bank branch.
Reduce drag and drop-offs by accepting payments from customers in their preferred currency.

Faster. Cheaper. Smoother.

Convert foreign currencies into your native currency and withdraw funds in seconds. Strengthen your global revenue stream and enjoy market-leading exchange rates that don’t eat into your bottom line with every transaction.

Save time and resources

Create multi-currency accounts at the click of a button. Skip the usual bank queues and eliminate excessive paperwork by opening flexible foreign currency accounts, online.

Trade globally, without the red tape

Open foreign currency accounts in the US, UK, Europe, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, without leaving your office. Scale up your marketing operations in multiple countries simultaneously, without the worry of costly administration fees.

Sell and spend on your own terms

Use multi-region accounts to collect sales proceeds, and spend them in the same currency. Eliminate unnecessary conversion fees.

Online marketplace integrations

Link up with major global e-platforms such as eBay, Shopify and Paypal. Speed up transactions and create an accessible commercial environmen by accepting payments in local currencies.

No monthly fees

Our global accounts are completely free to open and maintain. No recurring fees, no minimum transactions, no hidden costs.

Hourly transaction syncing

Sync multi-currency Mrkter account transactions to your accountancy or bookkeeping sofwtare. Display key parameters such as who made a transaction, where it was what carried out, and what currency was used.