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Getting Started

Getting Started

Can I open an account with Mrkter?
Mrkter only offers Business Accounts at this time, and cannot provide accounts to individuals for personal use. Due to different restrictions and regulations, there are a few limitations on the types of businesses and transactions we can support.
Why do I need to verify my account?
As a provider of financial services, Mrkter follows the anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing guidelines and regulations for the countries in which we operate.
What features are available in my registered business location?

The features available on your business account varies based on the location of your business registered entity. This is because each region requires the right local licenses to provide our full suite of services.

Registered entity locationGlobal AccountsFX & TransfersCardsOnline PaymentsXero Integration
Hong Kong✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️
United Kingdom✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️
Europe✔️✔️⚠️ See below✔️✔️
United States✔️✔️⚠️ See below✔️
Singapore✔️✔️⚠️ See below✔️✔️
New Zealand✔️✔️✔️

For a detailed view of what Card features are available in your registered business location, see below:

Registered entity locationCompany cards (virtual only)Employee cards (virtual)Employee cards (physical)Employee cards (Google Pay / Apple Pay)
Hong Kong✔️✔️✔️✔️
United Kingdom✔️✔️✔️✔️
United States✔️✔️✔️
How quickly can I start transacting?
Once you submit all of your business information required by Mrkter, the verification of your account will generally be completed within 1-3 working days. During this time, our onboarding team might reach out for more information or supporting documents.
Can I open a personal account?
We currently don’t offer accounts for personal use. Instead, we offer business accounts, and are committed to creating the best solution for businesses and getting that right before we move on to supporting personal accounts.
Why didn't I receive an email from Mrkter to confirm my email address?
When you open an account with Mrkter you’ll receive an email asking you to verify the email address provided during sign-up. If you don’t receive this email, please do check your junk/spam folder in case your computer’s spam filter has moved it there. If it’s not in your spam/junk folder, please get in touch with our customer support team to investigate.
Your Mrkter Account

Your Mrkter Account

Two-factor Authentication
Two-factor authentication (2FA) is an extra layer of security used to protect the safety of your online account and cards. It ensures that people trying to access an online account or making a card transaction are who they say they are.
I forgot my password, what do I do?
If you forget your password, please follow the steps below: Select to reset your password from the login page Enter your registered email address or mobile number Select ‘Next’ We will send instructions to your email to reset your password
How do I update my business address/trading name?
Changing your business address/trading name is an easy process with Mrkter. Depending on whether you are a sole trader or a company, we may need relevant documents to verify the address before updating our system.
How can I opt out of marketing notifications?
Once you submit all of your business information required by Mrkter, the verification of your account will generally be completed within 1-3 working days. During this time, our onboarding team might reach out for more information or supporting documents.
Do you share my personal information?
We will not share your personal data with third parties unless required by law or in connection with the operation of the business (e.g. service providers, credit bureaus and banks).
Can people in my organisation have different access levels?
Yes, you can create multiple different roles in your account and then assign them to users to meet the individual needs of your business.
Global Account

Global Account

What if I don’t recognise a direct debit payout from my Global Account?

If you notice an unauthorized direct debit of your Airwallex account, please contact our Support team immediately to request a reversal of the unauthorized transaction. Please make sure you provide us with enough details about the transaction, including the transaction amount, the date and time of the transaction, and the debiting party’s name. You can find the details on the WebApp by clicking into the direct debit transactions.

Can I disable the direct debit capability on my Global Accounts?
Mrkter cannot disable direct debit payout capability on your Global Accounts. If you identify any unauthorized transactions, please contact our Support team immediately to request a refund of the unauthorized transaction.
How to Cancel Direct Debit Payouts
If you want to cancel or stop a recurring direct debit payout being made against your Global Account, please first contact the debiting party directly. You may have to terminate the contract or subscription with the debiting party, or set up alternative ways for future payments. We suggest you consult the debiting party about the consequences of cancelling the direct debit.
Why was my wallet top-up via direct debit cancelled?
Your direct debit top up might be cancelled if: – There isn’t enough money in your Linked Account to cover the direct debit. – Your bank account does not support direct debits. – You’ve reached your direct debit limit.
What is a global account?
Global Account is an Mrkter collection capability. It provides you with an account number that allows you to collect funds from various platforms such as PayPal, Amazon or your merchants via SWIFT and/or domestic payment method.
How much can I keep in my global account?
No funds are held in your Global Account. All funds from your Global Account is consolidated to your wallet, which you can then use to transfer the funds out.


When can I make a conversion?
Conversions can be made whenever you need to throughout the day. At times where there is low or no liquidity in FX markets, such as weekends, bid/ask spreads may be wider than during market hours.
I made a mistake with my conversion

Once your conversion is created, it’s not possible to cancel it and therefore you’ll need to settle any conversion booked*.
If the status of your conversion is Converted – then the money has already settled in your wallet. You can create another conversion if you need to convert your money back to the original currency.

If you’re having trouble settling a conversion, you can reach out to our Support Team.

How is the foreign exchange rate calculated?
Mrkter has integrated with a number of financial institutions (including liquidity providers) around the world that provide pricing and execution services to Mrkter. Mrkter calculates the foreign exchange rate used based on a wide variety of factors including available liquidity in the market, available prices from liquidity providers, other market conditions and agreed upon sales margins.
Is there a minimum and maximum limit to the amount I can convert?
Yes, there are limits placed on the minimum and maximum you’re able to convert. Please speak with your account manager for more information.
When do I need to have funded my conversion?
In most cases you must have the funds available in your wallet prior to booking your conversions.
What happens if I miss the funding cut-off?
If your account is configured to allow post-trade funding, and you have not funded Mrkter by the settlement cut-off time, your transaction may be rolled over to settle the next available date.


Why did my bank transfer fail?
Payments could fail for many reasons. When you receive a failed payment with Mrkter, we provide you with a failure reason that comes from the recipient’s bank to better assist you in understanding why your payment has failed.
What information do I need to provide on my transfer recipients?
We may require the collection of additional beneficiary information depending on the region and payment method as part of our obligations to local payment networks, regulators and our payment partners. This article provides an overview of the information Mrkter is required to collect on your behalf.
Which currencies can I create transfers in?

With Mrkter, you will be able to send money to over 150 countries in over 40 currencies to achieve your global growth. Please find the full list of supported currencies here.

How long should it take for my recipient to receive their funds?
Once your transfer has been sent, you typically can expect it to arrive within 3 to 5 business days. The exact timeframe is dependent on a variety factors including the selected payment method, the recipient bank’s location and the transfer date.
Do I need to pay tax on my international transfers?
Below countries levy a tax on various forms of financial transactions, including bank transfers and foreign exchanges. The tax is collected by the financial institutions that process the transactions, and is paid to the local tax authorities. The tax rates are set by the local governments, and applied to the amount of a transaction.
Why do I sometimes need to supply supporting documents?
As all cross border payment activity takes place within regulated environments, various government bodies require specific documentation to authenticate there is a valid, underlying transaction.
Mrkter Cards

Mrkter Cards

How do I choose between a Company Card or Employee Card?

When you are creating a new card – you can choose to create either a:

– Company card
– Employee card

To guide your decision on which type of card is best for your use case, see here.

2FA for card transactions
When a high-risk or suspicious online card payment happens, Mrkter as the card issuer will ask you to authenticate yourself before completing the transaction to protect you from fraud.
How many cards can I add to my device (Apple Pay)?
There’s a maximum number of cards that can be held on devices: – Devices pre-iPhone 8 – maximum of 8 cards – iPhone 8 – maximum of 12 cards – iPhone XS and later – maximum of 16 cards
Why have transactions gone through, even after my card has been frozen / cancelled?
When you freeze/cancel one of your Mrkter cards, this will prevent any and all future transactions made on this card from going through.
The verification code for my card payment is failing (Visa 3DS)
If you’ve received your verification code, but it’s not being accepted by Visa, try the following: 1. Type instead of copy and paste Sometimes copy and pasting may carry over spaces – try typing in the code manually instead. 2. Ensure you’re inputting the most recently received code Every time you request a code, the previous code expires. If you’ve requested the code multiple times, make sure you’re inputting the code you were sent most recently, as it should be the one that is valid.
When should I use a company card vs an employee card?
Company cards are good for business purchases that are typically made online and on behalf of the entire company or specific teams and departments. This could include purchases such as software subscriptions, office supplies, supplier payments, and marketing expenses. Company cards are currently only available as a virtual card. As an admin, you will be able to access card details for company cards.