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Transact with complete trust

Engage affiliates, creators and advertisers in a safe, secure escrow platform that manages the flow of money from buyer to seller,
Link invoices to escrow accounts, verify identities and create an end-to-end payments process thats saves time and money.

Nurture trust in your brand

Build long-lasting commercial relationships with key stakeholders and increase trust with watertight escrow procedures. Speed up the transfer of funds with a transparent procedure that protects the interests of both parties and facilitates clear, concise communication throughout the payment process.

  • Eliminate payment disputes
  • Deploy a bespoke escrow process
  • Build trust in your brand

Secure your assets

Protect your capital through a trusted third-party payments service. Verify the identity of affiliates, creators, partners and advertisers before transferring funds. Benefit from an end-to-end security procedure backed up by strict terms and conditions, and release mechanisms that verify deliverables prior to the exchange of money.

  • Safeguard assets and reputation
  • Robust legal procedures
  • Transparent fund release mechanisms

Fast. Flexible. Free.

Link your commercial operation together in a single, unified payments workflow that tracks affiliate marketing activity and facilitates seamless integration with interdepartmental financial procedures. Get a top-down view of fund allocation, affiliate activity and escrow status in a centralised dashboard.

  • Simplify your payment procedures
  • Visualise the flow of money across your deals
  • Generate valuable insights