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Marketing and Finance 2.0

Achieve harmony between your marketing and finance workflows by deploying a unified commercial operations platform.
Automate. Integrate. Grow.

Laser-focused financial planning

Stop playing the guessing game. Amplify your financial planning and analysis operation by connecting marketing and finance workflows together under the same platform. Eliminate disjointed processes and vague KPIs with a harmonious, dual-purpose solution.

  • Plan your company’s future
  • Get your teams talking to each other
  • Target key growth areas

Universal ERP & accounts integration

Join the marketing operations revolution by activating back and front-end ERP and accountancy automation, across your global marketing strategy. Supercharge your business processes and improve interactions between your Marketing and Finance teams. Strengthen your payment cycles and start counting the extra revenue.

  • Simplify your global marketing operation
  • Eliminate unnecessary processes
  • Make your networks work together


Integrate with Netsuite’s industry-leading cloud-based business management platform. Streamline agency workflows and project-based accounting



Link your marketing operations with financial data from one of the world’s leading providers of startup accountancy services.


Plug your marketing operation into the Internet’s most popular accountancy package for SMBs. Payments, invoicing and forecasting.

Deployable in minutes

Creating synergy between marketing and finance isn’t hard to achieve. Get started with a codeless, out-of-the-box solution that’s designed to be used by companies of all shapes and sizes and employees of all levels – from frontline staff to C-Suite members. Plug in your data sources, and let the platform do the rest.

  • Zero code
  • Predictive setup procedures
  • Role-based access

Enjoy commercial freedom

Pay thousands of marketing contacts across the globe, in multiple currencies, at the click of a button. Deploy a wide range of financial assets to consolidate your marketing operation with accounts payable, including IBANs and SWIFT transfers, digital wallets and custom payment cards linked to specific commercial functions.

  • Do business in multiple markets simultaneously
  • Design a bespoke marketing payments operation
  • Versatile batch processing options

Payments and invoicing on-the-go

Streamline your payment operations by issuing automated invoices alongside your marketing activity. Save time, money and administration costs by conducting business from a single, unified platform. Instantly attach invoices to brand, partner and affiliate activity and make global payment runs at the click of a button.

  • Increase trust with brands and affiliates
  • Realise huge administration cost savings
  • ‘One-click’ processing and payments