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eWallet & Crypto Payouts

Mrkter offers a dynamic financial platform that caters to the evolving needs of digital transactions.


Mrkter offers a dynamic financial platform that caters to the evolving needs of digital transactions, including eWallet payouts. Our platform is designed to handle a variety of currencies, making it ideal for users who engage in international transactions or require diverse currency management. Below, you’ll find a comprehensive list of currencies supported by Mrkter, each associated with its country of origin.

Supported eWallets

eWallet connectorsSupported?
Triple-A✅ Yes
ABC Money✅ Yes
Accentpay✅ Yes
Adyen✅ Yes
Afterpay✅ Yes
AliPay✅ Yes
AllSecure✅ Yes
AloGateway✅ Yes
AlphaPo - Coinspaid✅ Yes
Alps✅ Yes
Alweave✅ Yes
AO Pay✅ Yes
AoPay✅ Yes
Apcopay✅ Yes
APG Payment Processing✅ Yes
ApplePay via payabl.✅ Yes
AstroPay✅ Yes
AstroPayWallet✅ Yes
Atome✅ Yes
AtomixPay✅ Yes
AttractPay✅ Yes
AwePay✅ Yes
B2BinPay Crypto Solutions✅ Yes
B2Broker✅ Yes
Bamboo✅ Yes
Bancontact via Adyen✅ Yes
Barclays Smartpay✅ Yes
Beeteller✅ Yes
Billapay✅ Yes
Biller✅ Yes
BillPro✅ Yes
bitpace✅ Yes
BitPay✅ Yes
Blik via Adyen✅ Yes
BlueSnap✅ Yes
Bluesnap Local Bank Transfer Payments✅ Yes
Bluesnap SEPA Payments✅ Yes
Bluesnap Sofort Payments✅ Yes
Boleto✅ Yes
Braintree✅ Yes
Brightcart✅ Yes
BudPay✅ Yes
Callpay✅ Yes
Cardeta✅ Yes
Cellaris✅ Yes
Cellulant✅ Yes
Certus✅ Yes
ChargeMoney✅ Yes
Checkout.com✅ Yes
ClearPay✅ Yes
Coinflow✅ Yes
Confirmo.net✅ Yes
Coriunder✅ Yes
Credit Guard✅ Yes
CryptoChill✅ Yes
CWBPay✅ Yes
Decta✅ Yes
Dinarak✅ Yes
Directa24✅ Yes
EasyPay Direct✅ Yes
Echelon✅ Yes
Ecommpay✅ Yes
EmerchantPay✅ Yes
EML Payments✅ Yes
eNet✅ Yes
Epay Limited✅ Yes
Epayments✅ Yes
EPS via Adyen✅ Yes
Euro Payment Group✅ Yes
exactly✅ Yes
Eximbay✅ Yes
Eximbpay✅ Yes
Ezeebill✅ Yes
FairPay✅ Yes
FasaPay✅ Yes
Fibonatix✅ Yes
Finaro✅ Yes
Finrax Crypto Solutions✅ Yes
Flexepin✅ Yes
Flutterwave✅ Yes
FsTechnologies✅ Yes
FuturePay Ltd✅ Yes
FXPay✅ Yes
Gigadat Solutions✅ Yes
GiroPay via Reach✅ Yes
GiroPay via Skrill✅ Yes
GlobalPayGate✅ Yes
GlobalPayments✅ Yes
GMO✅ Yes
GooglePay✅ Yes
HAYVN Pay✅ Yes
Help2Pay✅ Yes
Humm✅ Yes
HyperPay✅ Yes
iDeal✅ Yes
iDEAL via Nuvei✅ Yes
iDeal via Reach✅ Yes
Ikajo✅ Yes
Ingenico ePayments✅ Yes
Inpendium✅ Yes
Intraclear Via FsTech✅ Yes
JCC✅ Yes
Jeton✅ Yes
Key2Pay✅ Yes
Klarna✅ Yes
Klarna via Reach✅ Yes
Klasha✅ Yes
Korapay✅ Yes
Lamda Card Services✅ Yes
Lateral Payment Solutions Ltd✅ Yes
Let Know Pay✅ Yes
LimePay✅ Yes
Lion Payments✅ Yes
MasterPay✅ Yes
Max Money✅ Yes
MB Way via Adyen✅ Yes
Meikopay✅ Yes
Mollie✅ Yes
Monerchy✅ Yes
Moneynetint✅ Yes
MoonPay via Match2Pay✅ Yes
Multibanco via Adyen✅ Yes
NCR✅ Yes
NeoBanQ✅ Yes
Neteller✅ Yes
NetPay✅ Yes
Network International✅ Yes
NextPayWay✅ Yes
Ngan Luong✅ Yes
Nium✅ Yes
NMI✅ Yes
Noda Pay✅ Yes
NordPay Financial✅ Yes
Nuvei✅ Yes
OFX Limited✅ Yes
Oroundapsp✅ Yes
Otp✅ Yes
Ozow✅ Yes
Pace✅ Yes
PagSmile✅ Yes
Partner Payments✅ Yes
Pay Triot✅ Yes
payabl.✅ Yes
Payble✅ Yes
Payboutique✅ Yes
PayByClick✅ Yes
Paydoo✅ Yes
PayFacto✅ Yes
Payfuture✅ Yes
Paygilant LTD.✅ Yes
Paygol✅ Yes
Payguru✅ Yes
PayMaxis✅ Yes
Payme✅ Yes
Payment Asia✅ Yes
Paymentwall Inc.✅ Yes
PaymentZ✅ Yes
PaynetEasy✅ Yes
Paynt✅ Yes
Payoneer​ lnc.✅ Yes
Payonera✅ Yes
PayPal✅ Yes
PayPal via Reach✅ Yes
PayPros✅ Yes
PayRetailers✅ Yes
PaySafe✅ Yes
Paysecure✅ Yes
Paystack✅ Yes
PayTrust✅ Yes
PayU India✅ Yes
Payvea Ltd.✅ Yes
Payzen✅ Yes
PeachPayments✅ Yes
Perfect Money✅ Yes
Plan B Payments✅ Yes
PlusExchange✅ Yes
Pradexx✅ Yes